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Animated Explainer Videos

If video marketing is in your future, then the future is here Now!! You’re at the right place if you’ve been wondering whether it’s worth putting the resources into video marketing for your business. Do you have enough resources to create videos? Are enough people in your target audience interested in videos? And in the end, will it be worth the effort? In short: YES!

Is Your business ready for video marketing? Again, the short answer is: YES!!

We are now into 2021 and video marketing has taken the Internet by Storm. Still not sure whether you are ready to take the leap? Here's some food for thought.

In short, unless your business already has an established, secure, customer base who will stay with you no matter the cost. As you already know, your customers tend to be a fickle lot and there are no guarantees they will stay. You will have an uphill battle getting your business to survive over the long haul. Isn't it time you took your business to the next level?? When your ready to take the leap. We need to talk. Contact us at.

The Power Of Animated Commercials.

Animated commercials and animated explainer videos can be a highly effective way to boost your business while saving big-time money. At WildBills Media, we certainly don’t have anything against using humans in live-action advertisements but sometimes it’s simply not the best choice for your needs (or budget). Cartoons or animations can capture attention and connect with viewers in a friendly, entertaining way. Animated video ads are also great for strumming viewers’ heartstrings or tackling difficult subjects. For example, Melbourne’s “Dumb ways to die” animated safety campaign won countless awards while racking up millions of views. If you haven’t seen it, check it out now. Priceless!


So How Exactly Do You Break Through The Clutter?

How do you reach your target audience that is bombarded with as many as 5,000 marketing messages a day?

Well you do it by creating easily digestible animated explainer content that’s super-enjoyable to watch … in other words, you do it using animated explainer videos, which have been proven time and time again to produce dramatically better results than other online sales mediums.

Why Are Animated Explainer Videos The Answer To Creating High-converting, Super-Shareable Content? BECAUSE ...

They Work Like Crazy!

Animated explainer videos are so entertaining, consumers are drawn into the story... making your marketing message much more effective.

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